José Cuesta Pons

"Beenbreck is a farm of 7.500 hectares approximately, situated in the south-west of Windhoek, capital of Namibia. It´s two hours away from the airport, the farmhouse is directed by Waldo and his wife, Corrine. They are well-behaved people, in their professional life and diary, they based their happiness in making you a good stay until you come back to your country.  You have happy memories of your stay, you can´t forget your visit.

This young couple has a magnificent farmhouse where the animals are living in freedom, because the fences do not prevent the entry to any animals in any part of the territory.
Beenbreck has more farmhouses where you can hunt until 200.000 hectars, all free.

The fantastic geography of this area of hunting has long parts with red sand dunes, and after that presents big rocky mountains, habitats of leopards and chimpanzee, and valleys with green trees in smaller distances that introduce the best antelopes that you have ever seen. Kudus, oryx, springbuck, hartebeest, mountain zebras, steenbuck, and a wide range of species.

The lands and the vegetation of this zone of hunting allows the vision of  the animals far away, so this supposes the valoration of big trophys, making you feel the best hunting in front of you, and you feel all the sensations of a hunter.
Beenbreck has good places , comfortable houses, with all the accomodations for your rest.

There is a great variety in the food: all kinds of meat with salads, pastas, vegetables, cakes and biscuits made by themselves. Waldo, Corrine and their partners help you in the hunting with all that they know with excepcional trophys, nothing difficult because of the big quality of the species. Beenbreck is free of the malaria, and you don´t need to vaccinate, although they have all kinds of auxiliaries.

We can´t forget the relation between price-quality in the amounts of the animals as in the daily rates.

Finally, I want to say that these words are the general feelings of a wide range group of hunters  that have been staying in this young couple’s framhouse, BEENBRECK HUNTING ADVENTURES."