Beenbreck - Big Game hunting at the Kalahari desert in Namibia



Beenbreck our beautiful farm is 160 km South East of Windhoek. We are a free roaming farm with 15 different species of Antilope. The other species we offer are all in a radius of 100 km if you like to shoot them.  We have a few different types of nature, from hard rock bush areas to Red Kalahari sand dunes. Really a challenge for hunters to "walk and stalk" like the tradition of hunting. We shoot most of our Kudu trophies in the mountain area.  You can also observe a large variety of wild birds and Namibian plant life.

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Seasoned Crew

Photo Credit: ms.akr

The Van Wyk and Haufe families of Beenbreck have been in the hunting business for many years with a lot of experience in hunting and entertaining guests.

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We have 5 luxury rooms with each their own bathroom. They even have their own little kitchen and soft couches to relax in front of a fire in the cold winter months. Hunters could share a room or have one room alone if they prefer it like that.  Rooms will be clean every morning and washing will be done on a regular basis.

After a successful day in the hunting fields our guests can enjoy ice-cold beverages in the "Lapa" or a special sundowner on the red Kalahari dunes. Traditional Namibian meals are served or special requests can be catered for – as our guests prefer.

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